1. Does the Ritchie County FRN help with utility bills/shut off notices?  No we do not, but we can refer you to an agency that may be able to help depending on your situation.
  2. Does the Ritchie County FRN provide food to those in need?  No we do not, but we can share a list of food pantries in the area.
  3. Does the Ritchie County FRN do the Angel Tree sign ups for children?  No we do not, but we will share the information from the Ministerial Association when it is available.
  4. When does the Ritchie County FRN hold the Community Baby Shower? Typically, the shower is held in early April.  Must be a Ritchie County resident to attend.
  5. I would like to volunteer.  What do I need to do?  First, thank you for wanting to volunteer.  Volunteers are getting hard to come by.  All you need to do is contact the FRN office and answer a few questions.